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artichokes cloves in Extra Virgin Olive Oil – These artichokes in olive oil, soft and crunchy, are a great classic of Italian apetizer.

Crunchy, tasty, with the full-bodied flavor and characteristic of the artichoke, are made only with raw materials which are carefully selected.

they are just perfect  to enjoy your  aperitif or appetizer  or you can try them as the contour of meat or fish dishes.

7,60 IVA incl.

Artichokes simple wedges

Ingredients: Artichokes 63%, sunflower oil 25%, olive oil 11%, wine vinegar, salt.

Antioxidants: acid ascorbic and 300, traces of citric acid and 330.

Allergens: contains traces of sulphites.
Format: 314ml – Net Weight: 290g – drained Weight: 180g.

Weight 350 g

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