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The Sommariva family has always kept an eye on being respectful towards the environment. We’ve been one of the first Italian companies to ask and obtain the organic certification in 1972, collaborating for more than 40 years with the organic certification body Suolo e Salute, the first certification body in the organic field.

Nowadays the Sommariva farm is also one of the first Italian companies to obtain the “Carbon Trust Standard” certification, proving their commitment in reducing the emissions of carbon and greenhouse effect gasses in the atmosphere.

Sommariva produces healthy and genuine products, but also GLUTEN FREE products, to meet all our customers’ demands.

box of 6 pieces

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Besides its production of organic and gluten free products in respect of Liguria cooking traditions, the ancient oil mill Sommariva plays also an important role in the promotion of cultural and artistic events of our area, hosting artists and writers in its Museum “La Civiltà dell’Olivo” – a space dedicated to the history of olive oil and the working and pressing of the olives.



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