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Hot Peppers in Extra Virgin Olive Oil – It is a lively preserves and tasty the fantasy of hot chili peppers stuffed brings a touch more to many dishes, from the first to the second, from pizza to sandwiches. Made with whole chili peppers and preserved in oil, is a goodness to enjoy in small doses. Try also to add flavor to condiments and sauces. It is one of our best specialities.

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Hot Peppers

Ingredients: Cherry Chili 63%, sunflower oil 25%, olive oil 11%, wine vinegar, salt, garlic, tuna, capers, parsley.

Antioxidants: acid ascorbic and 300, traces of citric acid and 330.

Allergens: contains traces of sulphites.
Format: 314ml – Net Weight: 290g – drained Weight: 180g.

Weight 350 g
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