Basiliano Oil 5000ml

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We are curious and attentive to the needs of our customers and our chef friends, which we consider real ‘experimenters’ of our oil: there are those who need an oil to enrich, those who need one to enhance, those who need an oil to accompany without overpowering.

Our ‘Basiliano’ extra virgin olive oil is a blend of various mono-varietal oils (from local cultivars) produced in the farm, created specifically to meet the needs of those who ask for a clean, fresh oil, slightly fruity, with damped bitter and spicy notes, where an overall feeling of sweetness prevails.

An extra virgin olive oil, then, to accompany the dish and support it, without prevailing over it.


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Out of stock

Our olive oil Pugliese “Basilian” is a blend of different oils monovarietal (local cultivars) produced on the farm, built specifically to meet the needs of those in the kitchen and cooking asks an oil with light fruity, clean, fresh, from bitter and spicy notes damped, where prevails an overall sensation of sweetness. An extra virgin olive oil, then, that accompany the preparation and support, without prevaricating.


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Weight 5100 g

500ml, 750 ml @en, 5000 ml @en

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