Olio Leccino 750ml

Leccino Oil 750ml

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The mono-varietal extra virgin olive oils are produced from a single variety of olives. This is because each cultivar, or any type of olive, has its own specific and peculiar taste and flavor profiles, with the so-called varietal hints, which identify that particular variety and make it unique and not replicable.

Our company has focused on native cultivars of Salento, ‘Ogliarola Salentina’ and ‘Cellina di Nardò’, together with other Italian varieties that, here in Salento, however, have found their second home, such as ‘Leccino’ and ‘Frantoio’.

The oil is no longer just ‘oil’ and is no longer just one, but as many as are the varieties of olives grown in Italy (over 700): each extra virgin olive oil can be matched to a dish, some vegetable, meat, fish, according to very simple rules of combination: a delicate oil can be easily combined with simple dishes, while an oil with a stong character will masterfully bring out more complex flavors and dishes.

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Extra virgin olive oil mono varietal LECCINO biological upper category obtained directly from the olives and solely by mechanical processes – cold extracted in Italy from olives cultivated in Salento. An extra-virgin oil Pugliese mono varietal, that is produced by a single variety of olive oil. Each type of olive, has its characteristic aromatic profile and taste with hints so-called varietal, which identify that variety and make it unique and not replicable.


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