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The spelt fantasy make unique and irresistible your every dish thanks to the combination of nutritional values and to the richness of the fibers. To enjoy at best this format of semolina pasta integral, which keeps all the properties of the spelt, we recommend light condiments; will then be the intensity of the noodles are integral to conquistarti in table. You can create simple dishes and above all fast.

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Spelt fantasy bio pasta
The spelt fantasy pasta , are thin strips of pastry without eggs. You can combine a light condiments with seasonal vegetables and, in addition to prepare tasty dishes, you will be able to act in favor of health

The scheme low-carb, demonized that pasta in the diet in the name of the line is fading because it has not met with favor neither between nutritionists nor among gourmets. Our first national dish, pasta, was acquitted by the accusation of increase too much blood glucose. The pasta continues to be the basis of the new “food pyramid” and consequently the mediterranean diet the chosen as a synonym of correct nutrition.

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Weight 250 g
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