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Ingredients: Durum wheat, water, turmeric (1%) and lemon aroma (1%)

Prepare a first of butterflies (farfalle) at limone, is an excellent example of alternative cuisine particular flavor but convincing : a dish from the middle caloric intake and little fat.
Easy to cook , you can serve with a dash of oil and a handful of grated parmigiano reggiano or add the cream. The vegetable cream can be a valid alternative to the traditional cream, in order not to lose the taste but to confer on the recipe for a greater lightness.
For the cooks more daring you may prepare a sophisticated dish by adding tomatoes Pachino, gambaretti and peas.

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Farfalle at Lemon Aroma

Ingredients: Durum wheat, water, turmeric (1%) and lemon aroma (1%)
Product code: A4_3522
gr. 500
Cooking time: about 7/8 min.
The ingredients in bold type can provoke reactions in allergic or intolerant person. The product contains gluten and can be contained traces of shellfish.

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