The owner

Barbara portioli

Barbara Portioli

Who we are

Pleasure, convivial mood, love for good things, passion for originality of our country’ s food are the ground of our firm.

We are people, who invest our energy to spread the Italian alimentary excellence, that is a true and real synthesis of traditional and high technology, able to guarantee the best, in respect of genuineness.

With seriousness and great care we select and look for the best products, reflecting the oneness and genuineness  of our italian provinces, which always represent the real added value on the tables all over the world.

Why choose us​

Our  aim is to export the excellence of italian food into the restaurants and alimentary boutiques.

We wish propose tasting of high quality food, realized with selected and biological substances, produced in observance of Hccp directions.

We offer   you the  pleasure and the security of an exact gastronomic control. Fragrance and taste of our products are full of reminiscence and memory.

Barbara Portioli