“Sublime Dolce” Coffee In Wheats

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The company, born 1988, is specialized in the production of the variety of Carnaroli rice, S. Andrea and Centaur, with a production that is around 8.00 ppm – 10,000 quintals of rice per year.

The Company  committed in a massive work of qualitative selection of seed and agronomically employs the technique of farming of the crop-rotation that allows, interrupting the continuos cropping of rice, so that it can limit to use a big  amount  of pesticides and chemical fertilizers for a greater respect for the environment.

The company Ferraris Luigi is part of the chain of the rice Venus to guarantee the quality of the product.



“Sublime Dolce” Coffee In Wheats

A mix of sweet Arabica from Central America & Robusta Indian monsoonata toasted in 19 minutes using the artisanal method and packaged by hand in an envelope with aroma-saving valve. On the palate an aftertaste of toasted bread and sultanas with very low acidity.

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Weight 1000 g


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