Organic Pesto Genovese With Basil Genovese D.O.P

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Love and respect for the earth. This is the philosophy that has accompanied our work for more than 100 years, made of passion and commitment to transform the wonderful fruits of our land into tasty recipes.


The history of olive oil in the province of Savona

The work of the great-grandfather Domenico, of Nonno Giobatta and Nonna Mumina, continued by Domenico (called Nino) and Bugi is now carried out by Agostino with Anna, Alice and Gb, who always carry the teachings of Mina in their hearts. The Sommariva Company, together with its collaborators, as in a large family, with an eye to the past and one to the future, continues its journey along the paths of quality.



Respect for the land, respect for our customers

Moreover, 100 years of history teach that without the respect of our land there can be no future and for this reason the Sommariva family has always been attentive to the environment and was one of the first Italian companies to request and obtain organic certification in 1972 From that moment the Sommariva farm cultivates its land above the sea in the plain of Albenga and in the hills of Val Lerrone according to the techniques of organic cultivation and has been BIO certified for more than 40 years. Today the Sommariva Company is also among the first Italian companies to have obtained the “Carbon Trust Standard” certification, thus being careful to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions thanks to the choice of “green” partners. Sommariva produces “healthy and fair” products but also GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN to be close to all its customers and their needs.

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Organic Pesto Genovese With Basil Genovese D.O.P

The real typical “Pesto Genovese” prepared with fresh Basil Genovese D.O.P. from our own “organic working” farm  consists only of organic certified ingredients of highest quality. It is ideal for all sorts of noodles and rice dishes, for appetizers, tomatoes and mozzarella, on sandwiches and together with boiled meat and carpaccio.

6 people dose: Let 450g of pasta cook in boiling water with little salt. Empty the Pesto jar in the bowl where you will season the pasta, put 3 full spoon of hot coking water into the empty pesto jar, cap it and shake it, then pour it into the bowl and mix everything.

Pour the drained pasta and season it to your liking with olive oil and fresh Parmesan cheese.


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