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Cerealia S.p.A., a milling company, was founded in April 2013 from the merger of three long established mills: Molini Saini, Molino Seragni and Molino Fiocchi.

Cerealia has gathered and developed the cumulative experience of the three founding companies in the field of wheat milling, and in the service to food industry and artisan bakeries.

The Purchasing and Quality Control teams of Cerealia daily analyze and select the incoming raw materials and finished products, using the latest tools available and the professionalism of its staff.

All this to offer a wide range of products ranging from flours for baking, to biscuits flour to the specialty used for “panettone”, from organic wheat flour to baby food, from its pizza line to special flours dedicated to pastry. The production plants of Cerealia, located in San Giuliano Milanese (MI) and in Rivolta d’Adda (CR) have a daily milling capacity of 350 tons of wheat and have received the top quality certifications in the industry. Collaborate, share ideas and experiences, combine resources and knowledge in order to create an innovative company with two clear objectives: a higher quality in products and an increased attention to services. Cerealia S.p.A.: from the union, the strength of quality.

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Organic production is a global system of managing both farming and
industrial processing based on: the best environmental practices; a high
level of biodiversity; the protection of natural resources; the best
practices in animal welfare and a production in line with consumers’
preferences for natural food.
Organic products meet a double social goal in both satisfying a demand
for natural food by consumers and helping to sustain and foster rural
environment and animal welfare.

Product Description
A food grade flour, milled from selected soft winter wheat (Triticum aestivum), from EU organic farming. The
flour is milled in accordance with good manufacturing practices and shall comply with the current organic food

PIZZA BIO is a flour dedicated to “pizzaioli”, highly extensible and ideal for pizza and focaccia preparation.

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