Cru Muela Extravergine Olive Oil Spray Sommariva

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Fine quality extra virgin olive oil in opaque bottle to preserve the organoleptic characteristics

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Cru Muela Spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cru Muela Spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an Italian product. Sommariva’s family produces this particular product since generations. The olives are a mixture of varieties of Taggiasche, Pignola, Merlina, Colombara, Leccina and Frantoiana.
All the genuineness of a unique product of its kind, so good, tasty and delicate ideal both on the first courses of the Ligurian cuisine, can be tasted directly on croutons or to give a touch of flavor to an octopus salad.

The Cru Muela Sommariva is an extra virgin olive oil of high quality; the result of cold working under the terms of Reg. U.E. 1019/02, in limited quantities, from only the best olives.
It is a very tasty oil but it does not lose its sweetness. It is suitable for any type of dish whether cooked or raw.

Crue Muela Olive Oil 100% Italian extravirgin olive oil, from the milling of only Taggiasca olives. This extra virgin olive oil has almost unmistakable organoleptic characteristics that make it especially suitable to accompany all delicate dishes, especially those of fish. Cru Muela is available in a 100 ml glass bottle format.

Organoleptic profile: Crue Muela Spray Olive Oil

  • Aroma: medium intensity fruity, fresh with vegetal hints.
  • Flavor: balanced with hints of almond and artichoke.
  • Prizes and awards: none.
  • Serving suggestions: of very low acidity it is ideal raw on fish and meat dishes, first courses and soups.

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