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Apulia, the sunny southern region of Italy, offers the ideal site for the production of excellent pasta. In this region, “Pastificio del Colle”, thanks to the winning combination of the tradition and advanced technology, has achieved a position among the best pasta manufacturers in Italy. Mr. Vito Nettis, the actual owner of “Pastificio del Colle”, is the nephew of Vito Nettis senior, who, early in the 1920s, carried on different alimentary business: from the ice production and soft wheat mill to the bakery and pasta factory.

For “Pastificio del Colle”, past, present and future constitute a perfect fusion to get to excellence. Both tradition and innovation can fully meet customers’ requests, offering them large variety of pastas ranging from the traditional shapes made with bronze dies to new coloured shapes made by a handmade production.

So the coloured pastas have become the Pastificio del Colle’s real novelty and the renowned trademark as well.

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Pennette Naif

Ingredients: Durum wheat, water, spinach (3%), paprika (2%), beet (2%), turmeric (1%)

Product code: .000217

Net weight carton: Carton dimension 46x39x25
18 bags of gr. 500 – Total amount: kgs. 9,00

Pallet: 40 cartons 46x39x25 – pallet dimensions 80x120x220

Cooking time: about 7 min.

The ingredients in bold type can provoke reactions in allergic or intolerant person. The product contains gluten and can be contained traces of shellfish.


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Weight 500 g


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