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Pigato Nin By Sommariva

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Pigato Nin white wine Sommariva

Pigato Nin Sommariva, typical white wine D.O.C. of the Western Ligurian Riviera, it is here in an ultra-genuine and natural way, thanks to the certificate from organic farming. A fresh and elegant wine, the Pigato is perfect in combination with typical Ligurian dishes, but also with appetizers and traditional Italian first courses.

For many years the Sommariva’s company has been committed to obtaining the best results in its products, as their family’s history tells.

The product does not contain GMOs

Its name derives from the “pighe”, dark spots that appear on the ripe berries. The first reliable attestations of the presence of pigato in Liguria date back to the 1800s.
Today it is present in the provinces of Savona and Imperia with a medium cluster, fairly compact, conical, sometimes winged, medium berry, yellow-gold color, fairly thick skin. Maturation takes place in September, forwarded to areas further from the coast. From its vinification, a straw-colored wine is obtained, even with golden reflections. Wide, fruity bouquet. Fruity flavor of yellow peach, sage and honey, soft, full-bodied. Even raisin.

Organoleptic profile: Pigato Nin

  • Aroma: rich fruity notes of pear and apple, floral hints of lemon.
  • Flavor: excellent acidity and a good structure, fresh and mineral.
  • Prizes and awards: none.
  • Serving suggestions: Excellent as an aperitif, fish dishes, molluscs, shellfish, fried fish and with San Remo red prawns.

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