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Our Story


since 1931

The Rosso family grows rice with passion since 1931 in the countryside of Vercelli

The three sisters continue this family tradition, following ancient methods of sustainable agriculture, in harmony with mother nature.

Naturalia grows  typical  varieties    –    especially  Carnaroli    –    and  chooses  a  light  whitening    of  the  rice,  aiming  to  preserve  all  the  nutrients,  such  as proteins and vitamins, precious to maintain the compactness of the grain during cooking and to save the taste even simply boiled.

Between taste and well-being, following tradition, thus  looking at modern lifestyle, delicious Risotti (i Fioriti) were created with the tasteful feminine touch of flowers: petals of roses, sunflowers, calendula, cornflowers and violets, enrich  with their colours risotti with freeze-dried mushrooms, herbs and vegetables.

Mixing integral rice (even red and black ones), tasty salads were born, the Eclettici, for those who love to keep fit and enjoy good food.


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