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Our Story


since 2013

Pasta Romeo is not a mere spicy pasta, but a large handcrafted, bronzed and slowly dried pasta that meets the world of spices to make any first dish unique and unmistakable.

Pasta Romeo has body and soul, to create pleasant feelings of well-being at our palate.

P.R.O.S.I.T. is a Pasta Laboratory that was born from the initiative of Aurora Romeo that, moved by her passion for the good traditional food, decides, with her husband that shares the same passion for high quality food, to create a pasta laboratory that is rigorously Artisanal and that can produce an Excellent product.

After a few months, the first awards for the quality of their products began to arrive: Award as an “Excellence”, selection as “Top level Product” by some local institutions (Toscana Expo’ fuori 2015), national and international awards for their innovative and exclusive formats (Sial 2016 in Paris), invitations for top level alimentary tastings abroad as rapresentative of High Quality Alimentary Products “Made in Italy”.

The continuos research for improving brings Aurora to experiment combinations of pasta, that is slowly dried at low temperature, and various kind of spices, without using colourings or flavourings, to offer a tasty kind of pasta to be combined with every seasoning, able to inspired those who love cooking with seasonings that can be also very elaborate. Love for the sorrounding area, the wonderfull sweet Tuscan hills, and passion for her own work lead Aurora to specialize also in producing artisan pasta realized with ancient grains (as Senatore Cappelli) and organic grains exclusively cultivated in Tuscany.

We are a handcrafted pastifier in the province of Pisa, in the heart of Tuscany and its traditions, whose mission is to offer a unique and particularly tasty pasta made through a strictly ARTIGIANAL production process. Our pasta comes trafilata in Bronzo to get a rough and porous surface that becomes one with seasoning. Drying is done slowly at low temperatures in order to preserve all the fragrance of the grain and to maintain the nutritional principles and the organoleptic contents present in the raw materials used unchanged.


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